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Can I Fence?
"The novice may possess great aptitude - he may even possess some extraordinary, God-given gifts. But any suggestion of instinctive fencing ability is sheer nonsense. Therefore, the fundamental importance of good mechanics cannot be overemphasized. You will never become a fencer until you have mastered them. Yet, fencing is so perfect an art that once you have accomplished this, your skill as a fighter will depend primarily upon your individual genius. You will get out of fencing exactly what you put into it. Make no mistake about that."
-Aldo Nadi, On Fencing
The staff and instructors of the ATAC Fencing Club believe that anyone who has the desire to learn should have the opportunity to fence. Even those with health problems or physical limitations have the opportunity to learn fencing. Our coaching staff will assist you in developing a program around any limitations you may have.